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Customer Testimonial

We loved working with Kyle and Tracy. This is a family-owned jewelry store in Columbia, MO, and I highly recommend checking them out. They work within your budget, without trying to pressure you to spend more than you'd like to. It was a pleasure doing business with them and we will be shopping again!


Jewelry Precious Stones

KT Diamond Jewelers uses all the common precious stone such as: Blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnets, blue topaz, etc. They also pride themselves in the not so common stones as well: Alexandrite, tsavorite, fancy color sapphires, fancy color diamonds, morganite, rubellite, and many more.

Precious Stones We Offer

• Alexandrite

• Amethyst

• Ametrine

• Aquamarine

• Chalcedony

• Citrine

• Diamond

• Emerald

• Garnet
• Lolite

• Moonstone

• Mother Of Pearl

• Onyx

• Opal

• Pearl

• Peridot

• Quartz
• Ruby

• Sapphire

• Spinel

• Tanzanite

• Tigereye

• Topaz

• Tourmaline

• Zircon

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