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Customer Testimonial

We loved working with Kyle and Tracy. This is a family-owned jewelry store in Columbia, MO, and I highly recommend checking them out. They work within your budget, without trying to pressure you to spend more than you'd like to. It was a pleasure doing business with them and we will be shopping again!

Choosing Your Stone, Setting And Cut

The cut of your diamond, which brings out the sparkle, makes up more than 25 percent of its value. Every diamond shape is a variation of the modern round brilliant, which can be cut to your standards. Cut involves shape, table, depth, crown angle, pavilion angle, girdle, polish, and symmetry. KT Diamond Jewelers takes pride in dealing with only the top standards in cut. Our diamonds are certified by AGS or GIA. Very seldom will we deal with any other certified diamonds, due to weak grading standards. If the diamond does not sparkle, why buy it?

Diamonds vary in color, from colorless to fancy colors (yellow, blue, red and pink.) Each diamond is also unique in clarity, from nearly flawless to possessing very visible flaws. KT Diamond Jewelers, finds clarity to be overrated. All diamonds have some inclusions or flaws, which were trapped in the diamond when formed 600 million to 3.3 billion years ago. The clarity standard is measured under a ten-power magnification jeweler's loupe, so, flawless is flawless to a loupe, and included means inclusions can be seen to the naked eye. We are more concerned with how the diamond looks to the eye than when magnified. KT Diamond Jewelers sells no diamonds below the 11 level (included to the first degree). The I2 and I3 ranges are considered promotional by GIA and AGS standards. At this level there are many inclusions visible to the naked eye, and the diamond is not attractive. Learn about diamonds and GIA Diamond Grading Reports.

Finally, KT Diamond Jewelers believes bigger is bigger, not necessarily better, when it comes to carat weight (the weight of the diamond). This measures the weight of a diamond, not the actual size. It may weigh one carat, but not look it. Carat weight is a byproduct of the cut of a diamond. Many diamonds are not cut to maximum potential. Often cutters will leave a stone deep, causing it to have more carat weight and a higher price, but it will not sparkle as much as a more proportionately cut diamond due to the depth. At KT Diamond Jewelers, we spend countless hours finding the right diamonds for our clients. The right stone is out there for everyone, and it is our job to find it.

Current Bridal Trends

KT Diamond Jewelers strives to avoid following or falling into the latest passing trends. Much like chasing technology, it is impossible to keep up and it is quickly outdated. Our policy instead is to deal one-of-a-kind, top quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Each of our customers is as unique and valuable as his or her tastes, and the same goes for our jewelry. We find that our clients want something more than the current fad, which quickly become out of date. Our jewelry is classic, bold and attractive, and never goes out of style.

White gold is particularly popular currently.