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Columbia, MO 65203

Phone: 573-234-2777

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Customer Testimonial

We loved working with Kyle and Tracy. This is a family-owned jewelry store in Columbia, MO, and I highly recommend checking them out. They work within your budget, without trying to pressure you to spend more than you'd like to. It was a pleasure doing business with them and we will be shopping again!


Allure Custom Jewelry

Using the latest technology available, Kyle has been trained in C.A.D. (Computer-Aided Design) called Matrix. The term "Custom" has been used for everything these days. KT Diamond Jewelers feels ordering a piece from a catalog with a different stone, size, or shape, is not custom jewelry. Their version of custom is: The jewelry piece doesn't exist until it has been created and hand carved from wax. If you have an idea in mind, or don't have any ideas at all, KT Diamond Jewelers will be their to help you get started.

Precious Stones We Offer

• Alexandrite

• Amethyst

• Ametrine

• Aquamarine

• Chalcedony

• Citrine

• Diamond

• Emerald

• Garnet
• Lolite

• Moonstone

• Mother Of Pearl

• Onyx

• Opal

• Pearl

• Peridot

• Quartz
• Ruby

• Sapphire

• Spinel

• Tanzanite

• Tigereye

• Topaz

• Tourmaline

• Zircon

Precious Metals We Offer

• Carbon Fiber

• Ceramic

• Cobalt

• Demascus Steel

• Palladium
• Platinum

• Rose Gold

• Stainless Steel

• Sterling Silver

• Titanium
• Tri-Gold

• Tungsten

• White Gold

• Yellow Gold

Featured Custom Jewelry

Black Opal And Diamond White Gold Pendant

Platinum And 18 Karat Gold Emerald Cut Ring

Tanzanite, Alexandrite And Diamond Mothers Ring

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